Multi Theme Forum


Theme: Action Plan for Social Design
13 1998 June at: Tokyo International Forum

Opening Address: Arrival of the Action in Design/ Kenji Ekuan
Theme Orientation: Masato Isaka
Discussions of 11Tables
  1. On Children's Creative Environment-Realization of Paticipatory Cultural Community Facilities
  2. Light Infrastructure-Design for Refugees and Displaced People
  3. Designing a Cooperative Society-Sustainable Community Building
  4. Pubic Design-Product,Environment and Communication
  5. Fitting Design-Products Aapting to Individual Need
  6. Barrier Free Design in the Information Environment-Sharing of Values and Spirit
  7. Understanding Design from Ecology-For Recycling Resouces
  8. New Design Movement Leading to New Design Education
  9. Horizontal Perspective in Design Promotion-Challenges for Future Generations
  10. Design Collaboration in Asia-Preconditions for Regional Cooperation
  11. Explaining Design in a Simple Way
Closing Speech: Materializing Social Design/ Akira Tamura


Theme: Social Design
5 May 1997 at: Tokyo International Forum

Opening Address: Kenji Ekuan
Theme Orientation: Seiichi Mizuno (Director of JD)
Discussions of 14 Tables
  1. On Children's Products and Environment
  2. Social Design for Personal Products
  3. Social Design for Housing
  4. On "Quality" of Pubilic Design
  5. Challenges and Outlook for Civic Design
  6. Design and Administration
  7. Can Deisgn Become a Leading Industry?
  8. Quality of Japanese Type of Deisgn
  9. Housing Environment for Refugees
  10. Paradigm Shift in Design and Design Education
  11. On Universal Design
  12. Lights and Shadows of Multimedia
  13. Interactive Design-New Integration of Five Senses
  14. Proposal for Social Communication Design
Panel Discussion:Social Design/ Seiichi Mizuno, Keiko Torigoe,
Shinichi Takemura

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